Specialized solutions to treat and understand inflammation inside the eye.

Uveitis is the term for inflammation inside the eye that can result from autoimmune diseases and infections. In nearly half the cases, the exact cause is not known. Acute and chronic inflammation can damage the retina and cause blindness.

In the operating room and clinic we apply novel surgical and medical treatments. We have published studies on the use of a surgical implant that provides long-term release of medication inside the eye.

In the laboratory, we are analyzing the proteins in eye fluids from patients to identify the molecules and mechanisms that cause inflammation. We believe a "personalized proteome" is a key tool for developing highly individualized treatment for uveitis.

We have a special interest in inflammatory eye disease that develops in related family members. We are making significant effort to identify the gene and develop therapy for patients with ADNIV, an inherited form of uveitis.

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  • Surgical Implants treat ADNIV Uveitis

    ADNIV is an inherited autoimmune disease of the eye. We performed a study to determine the benefit of Retisert, an

  • ADNIV Uveitis Gene Discovered!

    Our laboratory has identified the CAPN5 gene as the cause of ADNIV, an inherited autoimmune disease of the eye. This


    Autosomal dominant neovascular inflammatory vitreoretinopathy (ADNIV) is an autoimmune disease of the eye without systemic features.
    This eye-specific, inflammatory condition
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    ADNIV Uveitis Gene Discovered!

    The first gene for nonsyndromic autoimmune uveitis.

  • Grants to Study ADNIV

    We received grants from the NIH and Research to Prevent Blindness to identify the gene that causes ADNIV, an inherited

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